The Summit Institute's Parental Guidance Center ('Mahut')

Mahut provides support, counseling and treatment to parents and the entire family as a response to the complex period of adolescence.

Recognizing that a functioning family environment is one of the most powerful instruments for dealing with  adolescents in crisis, the Jerusalem Municipality, along with the Israeli National Insurance Institute, approached Summit with a particular request: that it establish a treatment center intended specifically for parents of Jerusalem's highly at-risk adolescent population.

Believing that concerted professional work with the parents of adolescents in crisis serves to empower them to more effectively engage with their children, the program was launched with the aim of positioning parents to confront crisis.

 Drawing on the confidence enabled by professional guidance and backing, parents are given the type of concerted support that ultimately can help them rehabilitate damaged familial relationships to the benefit of the parents, their children, and society at large.

The Center provides close regular counseling to 100 Jerusalem parents of at-risk adolescents, helping to prevent the break-down of the family and the inevitable downward spiral of their troubled adolescents.

Who is eligible for counseling at Mahut Center?

Parents to adolescents between the ages 13-18, living in Jerusalem may contact Mahut Center for counseling. We serve the general public: orthodox, conservative and secular Jews, new immigrants from a variety of countries, different types of families: single parent, blended families (second marriages from different relationships) adopting parents and more.

Treatment methods at Mahut Center

The cumulative expertise gained by the staff in Mahut Center in treatment of adolescents allows us to offer parents tools and insights that improve their parenting abilities when dealing with this age group.

Treatment is provided using the following methods:

·Family treatment – provided to parents and adolescents and focuses on difficulties in relationships and communication in the family. Treatment sessions focus on processing family emotions and conflicts in a supportive and nurturing therapeutic environment.

·Parental treatment – provided to parents only, and focuses on the difficulties in relations and communication with adolescents. The main part of the treatment revolves around the parental role, authority and collaboration in a nurturing and supportive environment.

·Group therapy – participation in a group allows parents to get a perspective as to their role and position as parents and the adolescence stages that their children undergo. In this group participants acquire knowledge and tools that help them to cope with this complex period. The support and transparency provided by this group and the moderators allow parents to become familiar and cope with anxieties they feel in their relation with adolescents.

Duration of treatment and costs

Treatment is provided once a week for a year and at no cost.

When should you contact Mahut Center?

·When parenting an adolescent child at home is often accompanied by feelings of helplessness, miscommunication and lack of respect to parental authority, and is manifested by loss of temper and aggression on behalf of parents and/or adolescents.

·When the adolescent experiences difficulties in functioning for a considerable period of time in one of the following areas:

-Social difficulties: reclusiveness, avoidance from social contact or loitering and increasing dependence on friends.

-Significant difficulties in school that affect other areas.

-Difficulties that derive from low physical image or low self-esteem that reflects adversely on everyday functioning.

-Signs of alcohol abuse, drug abuse or other substance abuse.

-Refusal to accept parental authority and adult authority in general. 

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